Business Cares

Business Cares is designed to enrich the lives of those in need. The program’s goal is to provide some of the comforts that most people take for granted such as fuel for heating, food, transportation, child care, shelter, medical attention, holiday gifts for children of the poor and single parents, and/or services that improve mental health. Business Cares is a 501C3 Foundation.

The mission of Business Cares is broadened to include programs that improve the quality of life within the community, such as educational and Scholarship programs.

The foundation board determines which Bucks County human service agencies are to receive funds. The agencies are selected after a review of their need for funds and for what purposes funds will be distributed to their clients.

Business Cares funds come from the Business community, specifically from members of the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce. However, there is no limitation on who may give to the program.

Business Cares…It’s Personal